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dmxext.h File Reference

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struct  DMXDesktopAttributes
struct  DMXInputAttributes
struct  DMXScreenAttributes
struct  DMXWindowAttributes


#define DmxBadReply   1003
#define DmxBadValue   1002
#define DmxBadXinerama   1001
#define DMXDesktopHeight   (1L<<1)
#define DMXDesktopShiftX   (1L<<2)
#define DMXDesktopShiftY   (1L<<3)
#define DMXDesktopWidth   (1L<<0)
#define DMXInputPhysicalScreen   (1L<<1)
#define DMXInputSendsCore   (1L<<2)
#define DMXInputType   (1L<<0)
#define DMXRootWindowHeight   (1L<<5)
#define DMXRootWindowWidth   (1L<<4)
#define DMXRootWindowXoffset   (1L<<6)
#define DMXRootWindowXorigin   (1L<<8)
#define DMXRootWindowYoffset   (1L<<7)
#define DMXRootWindowYorigin   (1L<<9)
#define DMXScreenWindowHeight   (1L<<1)
#define DMXScreenWindowWidth   (1L<<0)
#define DMXScreenWindowXoffset   (1L<<2)
#define DMXScreenWindowYoffset   (1L<<3)


enum  DMXInputEnum { DMXLocalInputType, DMXConsoleInputType, DMXBackendInputType }


Bool DMXAddBackendInput (Display *dpy, int screen, int sendsCore, int *newId)
Bool DMXAddConsoleInput (Display *dpy, const char *name, int sendsCore, int *newId)
Bool DMXAddInput (Display *dpy, unsigned int mask, DMXInputAttributes *attr, int *id)
Bool DMXAddScreen (Display *dpy, const char *displayName, unsigned int mask, DMXScreenAttributes *attr, int *screen)
int DMXChangeDesktopAttributes (Display *dpy, unsigned int mask, DMXDesktopAttributes *attr)
int DMXChangeScreensAttributes (Display *dpy, int screen_count, int *screens, int mask_count, unsigned int *masks, DMXScreenAttributes *attr, int *error_screen)
Bool DMXForceWindowCreation (Display *dpy, Window window)
Bool DMXGetDesktopAttributes (Display *dpy, DMXDesktopAttributes *attr)
Bool DMXGetInputAttributes (Display *dpy, int id, DMXInputAttributes *attr)
Bool DMXGetInputCount (Display *dpy, int *input_count)
Bool DMXGetScreenAttributes (Display *dpy, int screen, DMXScreenAttributes *attr)
Bool DMXGetScreenCount (Display *dpy, int *screen_count)
Bool DMXGetWindowAttributes (Display *dpy, Window window, int *screen_count, int available_count, DMXWindowAttributes *attr)
_XFUNCPROTOBEGIN Bool DMXQueryExtension (Display *dpy, int *event_basep, int *error_basep)
Bool DMXQueryVersion (Display *dpy, int *major_version, int *minor_version, int *patch_version)
Bool DMXRemoveInput (Display *dpy, int id)
Bool DMXRemoveScreen (Display *dpy, int screen)
Bool DMXSync (Display *dpy)

Detailed Description

This file describes the interface to the client-side libdmx.a library. All DMX-aware client-side applications should include this file.

Definition in file dmxext.h.

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